Be the designer of your own cement tile!

Our clients are the main actors in the creative process of bespoke cement tile patterns that Maison Bahya is to edit. From this collaboration comes out unique cement tiles never seen before. Maison Bahya offers the possibility to its clients to create singular tiles made just for them.

Creation of your cement tile design in the showroom

We assist our clients in every step of the way during the cement tile creative process.
Chris, also graduated in Interior Design, will take the time to guide you in your project.
Starting from a blank canvas or the specific idea for a pattern that you wish to make into a cement tile, we will work on it graphic feasibility, and, we will share with you all the secrets of cement tiles editing.

The crafting of your cement tiles

Our workshop is structured for a bespoke production. We only make to order small and bespoke limited series. Each of our craft masters will produce tiles, one by one, in the exact colourway you will have chosen. There is no machinery involved during this stage. It is all hand made. The only machine used is our manually hydraulic press that is necessary to compact the already made cement tile in order to solidify it.

Price for bespoke cement tiles

Maison Bahya does not charge for the creative process and design steps of your cement tile.
This is in fact the fun part of our profession; we love it and will be more than happy to elaborate a unique piece together. The price of bespoke cement tiles is the same as the price of our existing patterns. It is priced per m2 and based on the number of colours used per pattern.
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