Thanks to the know-how of our craft masters, any shape is possible with our zelliges. Select the colour within our 32 colours palette.

Zellige, the classic Moroccan tile

Zellige tiles, the classic Morrocan tiles

No matter the colour of zellige tiles you choose, you will get tens of slightly different hues per colour, each tile reflecting light according its peculiar shape… zellige tiles are hand chiselled by our craftsmen masters and each individual tile is a decorative object. Every single tile is different.

The story of zellige tiles

Zellige tiles or Moroccan tiles, appeared in Morocco in the 10th century. This classic Morrocan tile is widely used in decorating walls, mosaic and fountains of the Arab/Andalusian architecture.
Zellige tiles are terracotta tiles, natural or glazed; traditionally made with clay around the city of Fez. Originally white and brown, we started to see blue, green and yellow zellige tiles in the 14th century, then red in the 17th century.

In more recent years, the choice of colours and shapes of zeolite tiles have widened greatly to please an ever-increasing demand for handcrafted terracotta tiles.

Where to use zellige tiles?

As a kitchen splashback, a bathroom splashback or any other zellige carrelage and mosaic; it will fit in virtually every room of the house. Glazed, it has the same advantages than porcelain tiles, being completely waterproof. It is ideal for a bathroom splashback, and can also be used as a shower wall.
Zellige tiles are handcrafted with serrated corners; therefore, we do not recommend them as bathroom floor tiles. Its corners can be sharp and they are slippery. Nevertheless, they are awesome wall tiles.

Colours & shapes
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