Maison Bahya, behind the curtains

Since 2015, Maison Bahya dusts off the traditional cement tiles’ aesthetics by giving the possibility to all of its professional and individual clients to have tailor made cement tiles, made to order and artisanal manufacture.

In our Moroccan workshop based in Tangier, a handful of craft masters skilfully hand making your encaustic tiles and Moroccan tiles, from your choice of patterns and colours.

We have over 300 encaustic tile patterns from our catalogue: there are the encaustic tile classics that we love to re-explore, there is also patterns exclusive to Maison Bahya, either designed in house or as part of a collaboration with guest designers.

Behind the curtain, Maison Bahya is a handful of people, passionate about interior design and craft. Reunited around Audrey and Alexandre, couple on the weekend and business partners during the week.
It was also a great move to the unknown for them two leaving the comfort zone of their 20 years’ experience in totally different fields.

After 20 years in the field of communication, Audrey took the reign of Maison Bahya working to make it a fertile playground, so that she could express her passion for beautiful materials, craftsmanship and decoration. She is fascinated by the artisans’ ability to give life to an idea, to shape it and make it a living and touchable object.

Audrey’s 3 little pleasures at Bahya:
- Seeing sparkles in her clients’ eyes once they find THE cement tiles that suit them and with which they want to live.
- Hanging around the workshop to think about new techniques or new colours, to explore further what the material has yet to give.
Waking up in the middle of the night with a pattern idea, getting up and starting to draw on a piece of paper in the kitchen.

After 20 years of being a managing director for multi-national companies, Alex dived into Bahya’s adventure to control the business and predict storms and opportunities. He is the team’s go-getter, the thousand ideas per minute man who can streamline everything on a spreadsheet. He has a soft spot for objects that carry stories. He also loves projects of renovations, enjoying the conception of high-quality handcrafted pieces and the bespoke service he offers to his clients.

Alexandre’s 3 little pleasures at Bahya:
- Talking with inspiring architects, a work he admires.
- Thinking about the place for the next showroom, after the recent opening of our London one.
- Re-making the world with our workshop manager, around a mint tea in Tangier.

DIT – Do It Together

Maison Bahya takes pride in setting a true collaboration with each and every one of its clients. It is you that make our cement tiles yours, shaping them to your very own taste by making them unique. Home owners, architects, interior designers and contractors are an integral part of the making and that from the conception, and we are proud to be part of this co-design.
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