Bahya Studio enables clients to create any specific cement tile for their commercial projects, based on their brand identity.

Bahya Studio, for commercial projects

Maison Bahya offers via the service - Bahya Studio, the possibility to create exclusive and unique cement tiles for your commercial projects: hotels, restaurants, cafés, boutiques and offices.

A bespoke service, from brief to crafting

Bahya Studio is your contact when it comes to reflect on the branding identity, elaborate a peculiar design and produce your cement tiles. The pertinent and coherent final result is ensured by Audrey’s expertise; who was directing the strategical planning department of a Parisian design agency before managing Bahya Studio. She will translate a word, an idea, a concept into an image, a visual, a decorative cement tile pattern. Exploring some existing visuals from the brand as inspiration for cement tiles, carefully designed in order to create a specific consumer’s experience and a specific atmosphere.
As you can imagine, our work will go far beyond reproducing your logo onto a cement tile. The aim is to use the cement tile as a decorative element that will express the singularity of your project and the tale you want to tell.
The nature of our involvement will vary according to your needs: from the execution of crafting your design onto a cement tile to a complete support in all aspects of production.

Encaustic tiles for hotels

The floor and wall decoration of a hotel tells a tale… At first glance, a client understands if he is staying in a luxury hotel, a low cost hotel or a charming one… Encaustic tiles will be a vector to express a singular atmosphere, a well thought environment, a timeless feeling… used in hotel rooms, bathrooms or communal parts (lobby, bar, boutique, wellness room), cement tiles will help create the atmosphere the hotel brand wants to share with its guests.

Encaustic tiles for restaurants

Many of us, years later, remember the cosy atmosphere of a restaurant without being able to remember what we ate. Seeking harmony between a floor and the architectural elements of a commercial project, Bahya Studio will strengthen the place’s identity. Encaustic tiles can also be used to delimit zones within a space: an entrance, a reception area, a specific siting area.

Encaustic tiles for cocktail bars / pubs

Most cocktail bars and pubs want to be different and have a pronounced style with a unique atmosphere. Commercial architecture is ever more important in achieving the task to make a drinking place stand out from the rest. Bahya Studio can design EXCLUSIVE encaustic tiles that will highlight a unique style. This could be cement tile wall to dress the bar front or behind the bar as a splashback. This could also be floor cement tiles to create zones and give the space a unique feel.

Encaustic tiles for boutiques

Brands need to multiply meeting points for their clients and strengthen their identity. Here again, Bahya Studio can help architects and designers with the creation of a specific environment, responding to the brand’s requirements. Bahya Studio transforms a selling spot into an intimate space using the brand’s graphic codes on unique encaustic tiles.

Encaustic tiles and headquarters

Reception, meeting rooms, CEO’s office; the headquarters’ architecture must reflect the values and the world of the company. Bahya Studio promotes the brand’s image through unique and peculiar encaustic tiles. We help architects and designers to create exceptionally different spaces, strong and conveying ideas.
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