Cement tiles great classics

The encaustic tile patterns offered in this section are all great classics, some of them Victorian encaustic tiles classic patterns, and other more or less old encaustic tile patterns. All of which have become an obvious choice in the encaustic tiles uk market. You might have already seen Victorian encaustic floor tiles in hallways, kitchen wall tiles as a beautiful splashback or even friends’ kitchen floor tiles displaying this incredibly charming geometric design. You are now able to get your own and customise their colourway to match your taste and the style you want to achieve. There are many possibilities of personalisation, you can explore them in our cement tile simulator.
Moving away from cold and unpersonal floor tiles (bathroom tiles as well as kitchen tiles for example), cement tiles will bring character and a subtle patina to your interior. It gives each space a unique look.

You can customise your own unique cement tile in our simulator.

Maison Bahya CreationsDesigners Collections

Maison Bahya CreationsDesigners Collections
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