Once they have been hancrafted, your cement tiles will be delivered to you anywhere in the UK

How to place an order?

Do you carry any stock of cement tiles?

We do not carry encaustic tile stocks: we only make to order, giving you the possibility to personalise your own encaustic tile and choose its shape, pattern, colours. However, if your project is urgent, please contact us for more advise. Our small workshop is structured to satisfy most specific requests.

Are you an online shop?

Our site is here to help you with your choice and allows you to easily ask for a quotation, though it is not an online shop with no one behind the screen! Before all, we are a small team, passionate and dedicated to the realisation of your projects; therefore, we prefer a direct contact with our clients. Talking with you helps us understand all aspects of your requests and making sure the encaustic tile patterns you are creating on the simulator matches your expectations. Help and advice are at the core of the bespoke services we provide.

How to place an order?


To place an order, the first step is to go to our simulator and personalise your dream encaustic tile. Once you have selected the colourway of your pattern, simply ask for a quotation by filling up the requested information so that we can create an accurate estimate, usually sent back to you on the same day or the next working day.

By email

Our simulator contains forty encaustic tile patterns. However, we have a collection of over 300 encaustic tile patterns available in our workshop. Therefore, if you cannot find the right encaustic tile pattern from our simulator, or if you would like us to make a bespoke pattern, please send your request by email and we should be able to give you an answer within a day.

At the showroom

Our London showroom is located on 50 Cross street, London N1 2BA. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday, between 9.30am and 6.30pm. We welcome you by appointment to make sure we are able to give you all the attention needed and work alongside you on your project. Chris is a real passionate and you will benefit from his expertise and advise for the choice of colours and patterns of your cement tiles and zellige tiles. We will establish an accurate quotation reflecting your exact requirements.

We will be able to work on your initial quotation up to the order closing date, on the 20th of each month.
To validate your order, you only need a 50% deposit of the total amount, along with a signed copy of your quotation.

What is the lead time for the make of encaustic tile and zellige tile?

We have a monthly shipping from Morocco to the UK and therefore the lead-time depends on the date you place your order. We close our monthly orders on the 20th of each month for a delivery starting from the end of the following month. Your encaustic tile and zellige tile orders could look as follow:
# Order placed by the 20th March - Delivery starting from the end of April / early May
# Order placed by the 20th April - Delivery starting from the end of May / early June
# Order placed by the 20th May - Delivery starting from the end of June / early July

What if I can’t find my dream pattern on the website?

Don’t hesitate to submit pictures of the tiles you want. We have, at our disposal in our workshop, more than 300 dividers (stencils), and we are likely able to accommodate your request. We can also create new dividers, in order to re-edit old cement tiles, or craft bespoke tiles from a drawing, logo … Our craftsmen will take on the task to skilfully produce your personalised decoration project.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is 1 box per pattern and per colourway = 12 floor tiles (equal to 0.48 m2) or 16 wall tiles (equal to 0.64 m2).
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