How to choose the good cement tiles?

Trend and authenticity oblige, the classic tiles give way to the cement tiles for a high-end decoration full of charm. Before letting this beautiful material enter your home, there are a few tips you should know.


1. The importance of assessing technical feasibility

Choosing cement tiles requires special consideration upstream. Indeed, cement tiles weigh heavier than traditional tiles: 35 kg / m2. It is therefore necessary to check beforehand that the structure of the part concerned allows them to be installed. The thickness of the cement tiles will also be important, especially for the passage under the doors. On the ground, you have to allow 20mm of reservation. These technical characteristics must be communicated to your craftsman and / or your architect.

2. Cement tiles: the choice of imperfect beauty

Turning to cement tiles instead of traditional tiles is to opt for a work of craftsmanship. Cement tiles, made one by one by hand, are not uniform and standardized, unlike industrial tiles. Choosing them means preferring unique pieces, textured and nuanced colors, patterns with imperfect contours. The artisanal quality of cement tiles will give charm and a unique style to each of your rooms, whether on the floor, on the wall or in a splashback.

3. A different maintenance of an industrial tile

Unlike conventional tiles, cement tiles will need to be treated with care and you may need to change your household habits. Bleach, white vinegar and anti-limescale products should be avoided so that cement tiles keep their superb over time.
years. They should be cleaned with mild cleaning products, such as black soap and Marseille soap. These cleaning products will also nourish your cement tiles and give them a beautiful patina.


4. Always take into account your tastes and the style of your decoration.

The variety of models, shapes and colors offers a lot of possibilities to adapt to your interior, whether you live in new or old. To choose your cement tiles well, you must therefore think about integrating them into an overall decoration project. Is it renovating a 1930's bathroom or adding character to a Scandinavian-style kitchen? Are you more sensitive to a retro or resolutely contemporary style? What are the other selected materials? What colors did you choose for your walls? Your home should look like you and we always take this into account to help you choose the right pattern, size and color combinations.

5. Cement tiles must adapt to the proportions of your rooms

The character of cement tiles is not limited to large rooms. He also shapes smaller spaces such as an entrance, a shower room, a long Haussmannian corridor or even a toilet. There are plenty of tips for choosing a format and a pattern of cement tiles that will accentuate perspective or give an impression of depth to small rooms. For example, a wall application catches the eye and enlarges the space. Sometimes you also have to dare a large format to give size to a small space. You can also manage a smooth transition to beautiful parquet with a border of plain cement tiles. It's all these little details that can make the difference and make a place even more pleasant to live in.

6. Create a design that you will love for a long time!

Your cement tiles are made to last, so don't get tired of them! To do this, you have to start by looking for your favorite: a cement tile model that stands out for itself is always the right choice. You have to pay particular attention to fashion effects: the decorative colors of the moment may make you want to but those that you have always loved are more likely to please you for a long time to come. The variety of color options and pattern choices helps strike the right balance between decorating trends, your personal taste, and the desired effect. For example, we can work on a very rich pattern with similar color nuances to soften the contrasts and thus make the design more discreet.

By manufacturing your custom cement tiles, we offer you the possibility of finding yours, those that will be made to settle permanently in your interior.

To make the right choice of cement tiles, make an appointment for advice in our Parisian showroom or let yourself be guided by our online simulator.
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