The things that make us different

Since its creation, Maison Bahya is specialising in bespoke cement tiles; managing all aspects of production, from conception to distribution. Using its craftsmanship and design expertise, Maison Bahya developed 4 services, making it a “go to” place for precise bespoke projects and also for complex renovation projects.

Customisable cement tiles
Maison Bahya makes encaustic tile patterns that will be crafted just for you, according to your choice of colours: you customise your tiles.
There are 3 types of encaustic tile patterns: those that are not exclusive to us; they are usually classic encaustic tile patterns or inspired from classic textile patterns. Then, there are our own encaustic tile patterns, original creations, exclusive to Maison Bahya. And finally, our guest designers' collections that are also exclusive to Maison Bahya, these collections are usually not customisable, but each designer offers different colourway options that reflect his/her creative environment.

Bespoke creation of a encaustic tile pattern

If our clients do not find their perfect encaustic tile pattern within our extensive collection of 300+ patterns, our small team of designers will be able to produce something original and unique matching its clients’ briefs. Maison Bahya is the high end of the cement tiles world.

Re-editing cement tiles

As well as creating brand new patterns, Maison Bahya can re-edit old cement tile patterns. For old houses refurbishment projects, we are able to reproduce identical designs of an old encaustic tile or even Victorian floor tiles patterns. That could be to either complete a floor where tiles are missing or giving a retro look to your interior. We can also re-edit a cement tile pattern you might have seen while on holiday…

Creation of cement tiles for architectural, commercial projects

For commercial projects, we have created Bahya Studio. The first branding agency specialising in the creation of branding cement tiles! Collaborating with the architect the interior designer or the brand manager, Bahya Studio will take care of the conception and crafting of cement tiles reflecting the brand’s universe. Creating the desired atmosphere of a place and enhancing the consumer’s experience. These are exclusive and unique creations we are making for hotels, restaurants, bars, boutiques or headquarters.
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