What tiles to make a room bigger

Entrance, toilet, bathroom ... a small space to decorate is no longer a challenge if you know how to play with perspectives. Cement tiles can create the illusion of a larger room. Handcrafted, cement tiles offer a wide choice of models for decorating your interior.

What are the best patterns to make a room bigger?

To revitalize the interior of your home and optimize space, we recommend opting for light and classic patterns . It can be interesting, for example, to work on horizontal and vertical perspectives. Bet on stripes, lines and "zigzag" effects on the floor or on the wall. They accentuate the visual perspective and give an effect of extension of your space as a common thread to follow. It is also possible to opt for cement tiles with a mosaic or earthenware effect in order to play with the visual rendering of the room. A simple splashback strip can intensify the effect of the length of your worktop or your vanity unit. Looking for originality? A patterned frieze on the wall plays perfectly with the reflection of light and the optical effect obtained is remarkable.

Colors that give depth

For a small room that you want to enlarge, you will benefit from numerous color options for a trompe-l'oeil effect.

Light tones: linen, taupe, coffee, string, gray;
The white ranges: crystalline white (with treatment) to off-white;
Pastel tones: pale pink, sea green, sky blue.

The latter, very trendy, perfectly sublimate current decorations and wooden furniture. Cement tiles are naturally matte. However, it is possible to apply a satin treatment. The light will reflect more for a guaranteed magnifying visual effect.

Is the small room concerned a bathroom? Extend the tile from the floor to the wall halfway up to contrast with a mural on the top for a sense of height.

Recommended types of poses

Cement tiles offer several installation possibilities in your interior. If your room is narrow, the best way to give it a sense of space is to lay it wide. You'll feel like you've pushed back the walls and made the room bigger.

The diagonal laying, quite trendy, attracts all eyes on your floor by creating an effect of movement. You can imitate the laying of a classic herringbone parquet with rectangular cement tiles. While it is better to opt for large tiles, no matter the size of your room, you can mix rectangular and square tiles for a dynamic effect that will change the perception of space.

Seals, the detail that changes everything
Apply very fine joints in light tones, imperatively white or light gray, which can contrast and emphasize the patterns of the chosen cement tiles. The perspective thus created will increase the depth of a room.

To get the design that will suit your room, our online simulator will explore all the possibilities to choose what will suit your space.
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