Fès Customisable within 75 colours

Fès is to the oriental patterns what Rose des Vents is to the European vintage patterns: a resourceful classic!

Composed of many different zones, making it very “sensitive” to colour variations.

It works well with 2 colours for a simple look, but from 3 shades, le design can become multidimensional depending on the zones you decide to make stand out.

Go find out what is its best facet!
Square shape 20x20cm - 25 tiles per m2

Available in 2 different thickness:
  • Floor: 16mm - 36kg / m2 - 1 box = 12 tiles = 0,48 m2
  • Wall: 12mm - 27kg / m2 - 1 box = 16 tiles = 0,64 m2
Made to order in the colourway of your choice: Use the simulator to help you find the right colour combination.
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