Safi Customisable within 75 colours

Safi is an iconic pattern of Maison Bahya.

Its design is inspired from traditional Japanese textiles.

On the floor like on the wall, it is simply radiant!

Its secret is the little round dots: very small yet giving this extraordinary rhythm to the pattern and can even become like little spotlights when their colour is lighter than the stripes. Striking!
Hexagonal shape 20x23 cm - 29 tiles per m2

Available in 2 different thickness:
  • Floor: 16mm - 36kg / m2 - 1 box = 12 tiles = 0,41 m2
  • Wall: 12mm - 27kg / m2 - 1 box = 16 tiles = 0,55 m2
Made to order in the colourway of your choice: Use the simulator to help you find the right colour combination.
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