Jules Customisable within 75 colours

Jules has more than a few tricks up its sleeve: it can be soft or strong, works well in a kid’s room with trendy colours, and becomes rock’n’roll or elegant when choosing stronger or refined tones.

A couple of suggestions to add a personal touch:

> Mix them within plain colour cement tiles, it will look like you’ve sparkled the floor with stars: So poetic!

> Order different colours of stars but always with the same colour for the background (minimum order per colour scheme = 1 box)
Square shape 20x20cm - 25 tiles per m2

Available in 2 different thickness:
  • Floor: 16mm - 36kg / m2 - 1 box = 12 tiles = 0,48 m2
  • Wall: 12mm - 27kg / m2 - 1 box = 16 tiles = 0,64 m2
Made to order in the colourway of your choice: Use the simulator to help you find the right colour combination.
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