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Maison BahyaMoroccan tiles & bespoke encaustic cement tiles

Maison Bahya, crafting your specific projects

Every living space should reflect the individuality of its occupants.
For those, like you, who love natural, sensitive materials, Maison Bahya manufacturer
of cement tiles can create whatever cement tiles design you want.
Unlike run-of-the-mill, industrially produced tiling, your encaustic tile will bear the hallmark of your individuality as well as traces of their own manufacture: each encaustic tile is a unique piece, handmade in our workshop in Tangier, Morocco.

Customise your cement tiles

In order to make an encaustic tile unique to you, your tiles will be made to order in the exact colourway of your choice. Start by using our online simulator or come directly to our showroom. The simulator allows you to select a pattern and choose your own colourway. If you can not find that exact dream pattern within the selection of 40 patterns, please contact us and we will help you find it from our existing collection of over 250 stencils!
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Re-editing old encaustic tiles

We have created Maison Bahya because we are passionate about interior decoration and beautiful materials. You too, might have fallen in love with an old mosaic or some moroccan floor tiles, a gem beautifully preserved on the floor of your previous holiday house, the encaustic tile of a café in Cuba or in a chapel in Italy. If you dream about having that same old encaustic tile at home as your kitchen floor tiles, Maison Bahya will identically reproduce this little treasure just for you! Old encaustic tile re-edition is common practice for projects such as high standing houses reconverted into hotels: we can re-create the same design in order to complete an already existing floor or mosaic.
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Bespoke creation of an encaustic tile

Maison Bahya can give life to something unlike anything else. We will make for you a totally bespoke encaustic tile. A pattern you might have imagined or that we draw at your demand. Thanks to our team of designers and craftsmen, we can create a unique pattern or even a specific shape of cement tiles. We will make together a cement tile that doesn’t exist yet!
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Zellige tiles, the classic moroccan tiles

Maison Bahya also produces zellige tiles, entierly made to order. Zellige tiles are the traditional moroccan tiles made of terracotta that are glazed from a second cooking process. Because of its surface irregularities and the glaze, the zellige tiles reflects light, making your moroccan style tiles incredibly charming!
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