Cement tiles by Maison Bahya and Mini Labo Bossa black pattern
Mini Labo - Bossa carbon

Mini Labo - Carbon Bossa

Mini Labo Bossa Blush Background
Spring 2017, the talented Mini Labo studio was given the task to create an original collection of cement tiles for Maison Bahya.

Céline Héno and Caroline Diaz took on the challenge with great enthusiasm and let work their flair for stylish designs, beautiful materials and the work of colours.
Bossa pattern:
Graphic but generous, Bossa pattern offers a gentle and minimalist interpretation of the 60’s influences.

In this carbon version, Mini Labo Studio combined 3 colours from Bahya’s palette: Background F2 – Blades A8 – Drops F6

Square shape 20x20cm - 25 tiles per m2

Available in 2 different thickness:
  • Wall : 12mm, 27kg / m2
    1 box = 16 tiles = 0,64 m2
  • Floor : 16mm, 36kg / m2
    1 box = 12 tiles = 0,48 m2
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