Cement tiles from the collaboration with Rails, Designed by Gwendoline Porte for Maison Bahya. RAIL 1 in prim pink / terracotta. combination of tiles with Rails module

RAILS collection - Rails 1 Rosa / Terra

RAILS 1 - F6 H2
Gwendoline Porte is a London based, French designer.
She is known for her acclaimed RAILS : a series of modular furniture-sculpture and versatile to either be a low stool, shelving units, table legs, coffee table or simply an art piece itself.

The initial contact between Maison Bahya and Gwendoline Porte was through the social medias. The virtual “likes” quickly became real palpable ones: we we are totally compatible! ;)

A few months later (and some coffee meets, phone calls, prototypes, return journeys London – Paris), we are pleased to launch a collection of simple and sculptural beauty.

Echoing her RAILS furniture-sculpture range, designer Gwendoline Porte has created a cement tile collection for Maison Bahya, which reflects the graphic silhouette of her original design.
Available in 8 different colourways, this pattern simply and strongly reflects the graphic rhythm of a RAILS’ contour.

For this version Rosa / Terra, Gwendoline Porte combined 2 of Maison Bahya’s colours palette: background F6 – pattern H2

Square shape 20x20cm - 25 tiles per m2

Available in 2 different thickness:

  • Floor: 16mm - 36kg / m2
    1 box = 12 tiles = 0,48 m2
  • Wall: 12mm - 27kg / m2
    1 box = 16 tiles = 0,64 m2
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