Valérie Barkowski - bistre collection

Inspiring to travel is a key element of Valérie Barkowski's approach. The world is yet to be discovered. Therefore, her work on style witnesses associations of boundaries, meeting with exceptional men and women, and exploring predilection territories (Russia, Morocco, India, France, …).

Re-visited traditions, where the designer upstages the testimony of modernity with the Collection she signs in exclusivity for Bahya.

Valérie Barkowski - Bistre Patchwork
Bistre Patchwork
Square shape 20x20cm - 25 tiles per m2

Available in 2 different thickness:
  • Wall : 12mm, 27kg / m2
    1 box = 16 tiles = 0,64 m2
  • Floor : 16mm, 36kg / m2
    1 box = 12 tiles = 0,48 m2

Yam, Stripe, Check, Kross, Kasuti 1 and Kasuti 2 are the 6 patterns of the collection.
They are to be combined in order to create an ethical and singular patchwork, you can however play with a single pattern as a repetition: each design produces very distinctive decorative results.

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Valérie Barkowski - Yam
Valérie Barkowski - Stripe
Valérie Barkowski - Check
Valérie Barkowski - Kross
Valérie Barkowski - Kasuti 1
Kasuti 1
Valérie Barkowski - Kasuti 2
Kasuti 2

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